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CPM has a strong technical sales team with deep industry and application knowledge which has been developed through years of practical, hands-on experience of over three decades. Taking a personal and collaborative approach to finding solutions for even the most challenging systems, in our industry domain, we have managed to surpass our customers’ expectations.

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High Quality & Reliability

At CPM, every employee is responsible for delivering quality service and this can be identified in our corporate culture. We accept nothing less than perfect quality combined with a solid process infrastructure provides products that are of the highest quality in the industry.

High Quality & Reliability
Competitive Prices

CPM prides itself on offering products at prices that are competitive in the market and reasonable to our customers. High quality, reliability, and competitiveness are our three strong pillars that help us deliver the best quality to our customers. We deliver customized solutions to meet your needs based on our expert opinion and leading practices.

Competitive Prices

We are your Raw Materials Supplier for



Cables Plastics & Metals (CPM) offers world-class cable products, services and complete turnkey solutions globally.



CPM’s experience, expertise and innovation is driving plastic performance forward.



CPM is a value added supplier of high quality metal enclosures that has been serving various industries for over 30 years.



Power cables for energy supply are installed outdoors, in underground, in water, indoors, in cable ducts, power stations, for industry and distribution boards as well as in subscriber networks, where mechanical damages are least expected.

We are the leading suppliers of a wide range of armoured and unarmoured cables – power cables, electrical cables, PVC Cables and XLPE Cables.


Speciality cables are tailored solution designed to meet specific industry needs. From chemical plants to hospitals, from underground to above land, CPM offers a variety of industrial and instrumentation cables.

We supply single core and multicore cables with copper conductors, XLPE insulated, extruded halogen free inner sheath, armoured and LSF-FR-HF sheathed.


Our comprehensive range of high quality PVC-insulated and XLPE-insulated building wires are to meet the strict safety wiring requirements of the residential and commercial construction industries.

Our PVC-insulated cables are ideal for use in general-purpose installations such as lighting or motor and auxiliary equipment connection. Our XLPE-insulated offering retains its shape and insulation function at higher temperatures, and benefits from the absence of toxic gas emissions.


We are connecting the world with our high-speed fibre optic cables and systems.

Whether you are developing an efficient telecommunications structure or updating your existing networks, we supply sophisticated metallic and fibre optic cable products that help you improve efficiency, capacity and cost.


We offer a complete range of high voltage and extra-high voltage underground power transmission cables for energy and power industry leaders for over three decades.

With options including watertight design, long-delivery lengths and protection against rodents, corrosion and moisture resistance and aggressive chemical substances; whatever the requirements, we can supply them to you.


From installation specifications and environmental factors to project terrain and cable performance characteristics, we provide a wide range of overhead conductors to suit specific industry needs.

All our high-performance OHL products meet the stringent international quality standards for high-level energy you can count on.



Our metallic tapes are made of varnished strip of water proof linen interwoven with small brass, copper or bronze wires. These tapes are particularly useful in cross-sectioning and in some methods of topographical surveys where small errors in length of the tape are not given importance.


We offer PVC Plastic Pipe that is fabricated using quality tested raw material. These PVC pipes are available in different standards such as IS- 4985/2000 for drinking water and IS- 13592/1992 for sewerage disposal and drainage.

Moreover, we also provide pipes in ASTM standards in schedule 40/80 in blue and white colours. Our PVC pipes are chemical resistant, durable, abrasion resistant and easy to install.


Polypropylene is a type of thermoplastic polymer resin. It is a part of both the average household and is in commercial and industrial applications. This is a versatile product and can be used in a wide number of different products. It is also used in industrial, manufacturing piping systems, and in medical or laboratories as well.


Polyethylene (PE) is a thermoplastic polymer with variable crystalline structure and an extremely large range of applications depending on the particular type.

There is a vast array of applications for PE in which certain types are more or less well suited. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is much more crystalline, has a much higher density, and is often used in completely different circumstances than Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE). LDPE is widely used in plastic packaging, while HDPE is commonly used in construction.


Linear Low Density Polyethylene is the most flexible of the plastic sheeting films. It is blended form of LDPE which much more flexibility, tensile strength, and conformability. LLDPE is used for pond liners or blended into other films to give them extra strength. LLDPE is used for films that need a tremendous amount of strength to absorb impacts while not tearing or puncturing.



Non-ferrous metals form an integral part of today and the future. This industry is also responsible in driving the economy as it meets the requirements of a wide range of key industries including engineering, electrical and electronics, infrastructure, automobile and automobile components, and packaging

We are the leading suppliers of Non Ferrous Metals, which include copper, zinc, lead, aluminum, nickel, manganese, tin & its alloys



We are leading suppliers of metal tubes, pipes, hose and fittings to commercial importers, automobile sectors (assemblers and their OEM vendors), pipe making industry, house hold goods appliances manufacturing/ assembling plates.


We offer an excellent grade spectrum of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, nickel alloys and copper alloys sheets and plates to various industries across Canada. These metal sheets are manufactured using quality tested metals under experts observation. We offer robust built material and the dimensional accuracy matching our client requirements


We offer a wide range of iron and steel products that matches the global standards. We offer steel plates including special quality plates such as boiler quality, high tensile and sailhard, and steel sheets i.e. HR, CR, GI etc., reinforcement bars (TMT, cut & bend and TMTCRS) to roofing sheets along with its accessories


Being the prominent & leading suppliers in Canada, we offer corrosion resistant bar, flat bars, jindal panther 500d rebars, stainless steel flat bars, steel bars and steel flat bars. We also offer a wide range of products which include alloy steel bars and stainless steel bars


We can supply as per our customers’ requirement. We offer a Grade 17200 alloy 25 in sizes from 3mm to 100mm and up as per the client’s needs.

Copper beryllium alloys are very beneficial and essential in today’s most demanding electronics applications. These alloys ensure high reliability. Other benefits include: Increased electrical and thermal conductivity, enhanced functional performance and improved reliability.

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Expansion Plan

We can help in expanding your business by optimising all your resources well.

Capacity Planning

With the right product mix for proper order intake, we have the expertise to help with better capacity planning to produce the best possible output.


With our 30 years of experience. we can work with your team and suggest the best lines for the right product.

Technical Negotiations

We can support you in technical negotiations with suppliers and help you select the best machines as per your plant requirements.

Technical Interviews

Having rich experience in manufacturing industry, we can also support you with selection of right person for the right job.

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